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No matter what you’re about to invest significantly in (property, clothing, travel, bitcoin, Pilates, your health) you’re most certainly going to be asking yourself questions to find the why behind your impending purchase. When it comes to Pilates, one of those questions is often – what is it good for and do I need it in my life?

Well of course I’m going to advocate for the method! And to aid your decision making, and subsequent transition, to including Pilates into your life, let’s highlight some of the things that Pilates is good for:

• It’s a game changer for posture, alignment, breathing, moving better and living better

• It’s superb for kids – especially those that are adapting to life on the spectrum

• It's a highly recommended PRE and RE-habilitation modality

• It’s exceptionally good for autoimmune and neurological diseases

• It’s a staple for pre & post-natal conditioning

• It's terrific for ageing populations

• It's fabulous for sporting endeavours from a novice to elite level such as golf, tennis, triathlons, swimming, football, surfing - name the sport, Pilates will have a positive influence for sure

Can you start to see how there aren't many things that it isn't good for?

However, it is most known to help people with lower back pain. The latest statistics show that 1 in 6 Australians have back pain – 4 million people16% of the population!! That’s staggering information and something to pay attention to. Interestingly, in almost every age group, back pain is more notable in men. So why is it that we find more women attending Pilates? Hmmm, perhaps a topic for another blog.

While it appears Pilates studios can quite comfortably keep their doors open from back pain clients alone, it really would be selling Pilates short as it is a full body, intelligent movement method that caters to all levels of ability, health and age. So far, my youngest client has been a 4yr old born with an oblique talus (foot abnormality) that we have successfully rehabbed, in conjunction with orthopaedic interventions. My oldest client has been an 88yr old Parkinson’s warrior who we guided with simple techniques to improve her mobility and quality of life.

So, have I answered your question? If you want to know more, feel free to reach out.

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