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The chain is only as strong as its weakest link

If you've ever tried to bend a credit card (after its expiry date of course), you'll know that it takes multiple tries to bend it in one place before it finally gives in to the damage you're wanting to achieve. And that's good news for the card. But what if that is the strategy you're unknowingly adopting with your spine?

No one is deliberately wanting to cause damage to their body, but it is astounding how many people experience back pain daily and think that it's normal. Believe me when I tell you that it truly isn't normal and that we have solutions & strategies to help you feel better through movement.

over 100 joints to move from in the spince
multiple movement possibilities

The weakest links of the spine are around L4/L5/S1. When you only move from 1➡️3 joints, there’s bound to be damage on the horizon. The result is potential disc bulges, stenosis, spondylolithesis and/or facet joint syndrome.

Why do we move from those segments when there are over 100 joints to choose from in the spine, not to mention the incredibly powerful hip joints? Well that’s the big question.

Some of the biggest culprits point to postural habits, laziness and mimicking (ever since how children adopt the same patterns their parents have?). Another factor to consider is that maybe you aren’t aware that you’re capable of so much more.

In our Pilates sessions, we consider the entire body and get you used to moving from areas that haven't been accessed in a while, so bear in mind that they may feel stiff and lack full range of movement. But just like a rusty door hinge, with enough lubricant (synovial fluid in the case of the body joints) and easing into the mobility, that range can be rediscovered and lighten the load your lower back is undergoing.

If you have a diagnosed back issue, it's best to let your instructor know as some moves need to be modified or prevented so that we don't create more damage to the area.

If you’re local to the Sunshine Coast, Australia, we'd love to see you in person at the studio to help you get moving in the best possible way for your body. Contact us here.

If you’re not close by, but you're looking for some tools to help you develop new ways to move better in your spine, then grab this pdf link ‘5 Foundational Moves



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