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Perhaps you’ve heard about Pilates through your own means of research or been encouraged by a friend or family member to try this fabulous movement class or maybe your doctor/practitioner has strongly suggested you begin doing it. In the back of your mind, you’re asking yourself – can Pilates really be good for everyone?

As you’d expect, Pilates is very much for everyone ... but not everyone is for Pilates (mic drop)!

It all depends on what you are trying to gain from doing Pilates. Some people come along because they require rehabilitation from injury, or they’re looking to enhance a specific athletic performance outcome. Others attend because they are looking for social engagement or fitness.

We don’t judge what your motives are, although it is important for us to know them so that we can decide if we are a good fit to work with each other (sometimes we aren’t, and that’s when we can recommend people that might be more in line with your objectives).

The concept behind Pilates is to bring attention and focus to your breathing, to your moving, to your general habits that may need changing. We aim to correct movements that could be causing you discomfort in your everyday functioning.

Some people are ready to change, others aren’t. Some people want to feel as though they've done an aerobics class in a sauna but that's not the true essence of Pilates. Our desire is to change you from the inside out, so that you get to be a better version of you that lasts longer.

The only way to truly know if Pilates is for you, is to give it a try – and I don’t mean just one class. Commit to a pack of 10 sessions so that you can really experience the benefits and make a sound decision if adding this modality to your life is what you’ve always been looking for – or not.


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