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is Pilates cardio?

If you’ve been comprehensively trained in the Pilates Method (~700hrs minimum), then you are going to be on the same page as me when I say that the simplest answer to this question is - NO it isn't cardio. Don’t stop reading here though.

Are there elements to some of the exercises that can produce an increased heart rate and make you sweat and get you breathing deeply? Oh yes indeed!

But it's important that you are aware that Pilates was never created to be an aerobic based modality like spin or HIIT classes. We’re all aware that the demand for that style of movement is extremely popular, but when we consider the history of Pilates and the deeper WHY, you’ll soon appreciate it for what it IS.

Hands on approach to Pilates
Hands on approach during a Clinical Pilates session

It is a low impact form of exercise that works on all parts of your body to re-educate the neuromuscular system (nerves and muscles) how to function as per its design. We, lovingly, trick the brain to put you in a position that is different to standing upright, so that the patterns you habitually like to use are no longer able to respond in the same potentially faulty way. Once we’ve coerced your nervous system into repatterning and relearning your ideal (functional) movements, we can bring you back into your familiar relationship to gravity and your body will be working more efficiently again.

It's a highly intelligent method that benefits multitudes of populations. Our studio specializes in clinical Pilates which means that your sessions are individualized and focused on what you require. For some it’s rehabilitation or rejuvenation, sports specific or injury prevention, developing young bodies & brains or wanting to age gracefully. We cater to neurological pathologies, hypermobility spectrums, kids with autism, ADHD, OCD (& more).

If you have any injury - mild or major - then we’re going to meet you in the studio setting first for a 1:1. The magic of Pilates is that it considers, reorganizes and implements new strategies to help you recover or adapt to what’s going on for your body. Once we’re comfortable with what your movement goals are, we can continue doing 1:1 PRIVATES or transition to 1:3 TRIOS to still receive that individualized approach.

If you’re relatively agile, mobile, able to work to the pace of a group and injury free, then Group Classes are for you. Our classes are targeted to getting your body to move as per its functional design. We hold a maximum of 6 people, so you’re guaranteed of that personalized touch.

So, for the people that are after the fitness side of Pilates, please go find some of the amazing studios that offer the sculpt and tone, fast-paced, get your burn-on classes. But if you’re on the team of creating longevity, sustainability and function to your “once-in-a-lifetime” body, then give clinical Pilates a try.

You can reach out to us on:

socials: instagram & facebook @kinectedpilatesstudio

youtube: @kinectedpilatesstudio8075


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