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Does Pilates give you abs?

Good news, you already have abs, so Pilates doesn't have to give them to you!

The thing you may want to know however, is that you have 4 layers of abdominals, each with slightly different directions of pull and responsibilities. As a whole though, their first priority is that they are used for BREATHING. So, every breath you take you can think that you are training your abs.

But I know you really want to know if it'll give you the ripped 6-pack that every person covets. That's a BIG ask isn't it?

There are simply too many things that are involved to produce the shredded look - nutrition, genetics, motivation, consistency, correct exercise function, sleep, stress management...

When you learn to use your body as per its design, you'll look and feel amazing. And Pilates is well known for re-educating your body to its blueprint way of moving.

I hold a really fun workshop on "Awakening your Abs" if you're keen to understand the in-depth role these torso muscles play in our every day life. Send me a message if you want to join me to learn more.


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