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You most certainly can do Pilates at home and it’s something I encourage everyone to be adding to their weekly routine.

In fact, you can do it anywhere! I have often done it in airport terminals while waiting to board planes, on the ski slopes of Japan and other unexpected & interesting places. You’ll be amazed at how little people care about what you do – so give up the excuses that you don’t have a mat and enjoy the fun of moving your body!

In fact, I have 2 playlists on YouTube where I video-ed the entire month of MarchMatness** (March 2018 & 2019) in random places to prove that you can do it anywhere, anytime.

**MarchMatness is a month dedicated to the original matwork series from Joseph Pilates. The Pilates world celebrates a move every day and it’s great to see how many creative ideas flow to still go through this challenging and invigorating set of exercises.

While Reformer classes seem to be the most sought after class in a Pilates seeker, it's the original work of Pilates that was based on the mat - called Contrology, that is the essence of what makes Pilates such a valuable modality. So, any studio you are attending, should be teaching you the foundational mat work so that you are empowered to add this to your every day or weekly routine. I gift my clients with a playlist of mat exercises so those become their maintenance routine when they are not in the studio doing sessions. And it’s another reason why our Mixed Reformer classes include a mat portion. Don’t be fooled, Mat Pilates is still some of the most challenging workouts because it’s a game between you and gravity!

While having all the toys (balls, bands, rollers) can add spice and variety, they are not necessary to still enjoy the pure benefits of Pilates – lengthening, centering, focused attention, breathing, opening, moving all joints in all ranges.

If you’re not able to get to class due to any worldly incidents or travel excursions, there are plenty of online platforms that offer classes that can keep you in the comfort of your surrounds and still get your body moving. I will say though that there really is a big advantage to having expert eyes on you that can provide one touch or one personalized cue, that can make your experience of the movement that much more powerful.

But guided movement is better than no movement, so go find a surface to be on and enjoy doing a bit of Pilates at home. And if you choose to do it in a random place or country - be sure to tag me on social media or drop it in an email so I can celebrate your daringness and dedication to this beautiful practice.


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