Online Programs

PAIN is not meant to be a part of your every day existence. 

There are multiple reasons as to why this might be part of your life; stress, poor postural & movement strategies, nutrition and toxic load to name a few.  


TUNE in to YOU is a 6 week online program targeting aspects of your wellbeing. We will explore your physical, mental & emotional health and discover how to use your body according to its design for efficiency and ease.



• Lower Back, Hips, Neck & Shoulders, Feet

• Weekly videos and PDF of exercises

• Anatomical education

• FB Group Q&A

• Nutrition advice

• Toxic free living advice


VALUE: $1500

mates rates: $250

insane price: $147

Week 1


Week 2

Lower back & Pelvis

Week 3 

Shoulders & Upper Back 

Week 4

Head & Neck 

Week 5


Week 6