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Essential oil therapy

We are living in a world where relying on modern medicine is often times doing us more harm than good. Wouldn't it be great if we could consult first with nature and learn how it can support
- sleep concerns
- dealing with emotional stress
- healthy Gut function
- a balance of hormonal systems
- muscle recovery & repair
- removal of secret toxins that have crept comfortably into our lives
- the freedom of using natural medicine for your whole family.

Treat yourself to an AromaTouch Technique - an amazing oil-based massage that layers specific essential oils on the body enabling them to work their magic. It's a sensory, physical and emotional experience. 


Book in for a "Nature knows best" class to experience an educational, practical and hands on approach to letting your body choose its own path for healing.


Clinical Pilates

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Group Classes

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Essential Oil Therapy

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