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Here's a question for you

When you look back over your life - personal and professional - can you see clearly the faces of people who have been there for you to guide you, inspire you, motivate you, listen to you, encourage you, celebrate you? If you can, then you’ve been blessed to have had a mentor, or many, touch your life.  


I’ve had some incredible mentors in my life who really helped to shape me into the person I am becoming. And I STILL reach out to them when I’m in need - whether I’m looking for emotional, spiritual or work related advice. Because let’s be honest, we don’t all know everything.

But as I look back over my life, I realise that I play the role of mentor to many people too.

I’m often referred to as a Teacher’s Teacher (a compliment I regard highly). Maybe that’s because I have a passion for what I do, for staying true to my beliefs, for desiring to know more about this fascinating body, for speaking straight to the matter or for being delighted in other people’s success.  I love to make complicated things simple. I love to create an environment that is safe to ask any question, I love to challenge people and to empower them to know that they already know.

Mentors play such significant roles in our world but sometimes we don’t feel that we know who to or how to reach out when we’re in need.  I’m hoping to change that for you.

This membership is for you if ...

  • You are craving to talk to someone, anyone, in the industry on topics ranging from admin to pathology

  • You are searching for the skills to ask about and respond to difficult scenarios

  • You are wanting to know how to handle multiple bodies in a session without losing quality attention

  • You are keen to learn how to tune in to the body in front of you

  • You are looking to discover ways to continually develop your observation eye

  • You are seeking something more that gives you an edge

  • You are open to being challenged by what you know

  • You are curious to try things in a different way

mentorME membership program is for all Pilates instructors ​looking for inspiration and motivation whether you are newly qualified, a solo worker or a seasoned practitioner.

The jewel to creating longevity in your movement teaching career is to grow outside the margins

of repertoire. 


What's included

If this is something that excites you, then be one of the first to join an online community of movement practitioners that are coming together in an environment of collaboration, learning and growing through my

mentorME membership program.


Here are a few things you can look forward to in the membership

  • Weekly Zoom calls

  • Interactive FaceBook group

  • Movement challenges to inspire your everyday teaching

  • Q&A’s 

  • Hotseat spotlights

  • Group activities

  • Guest speaker interviews

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Amanda Erlank

holistic movement specialist

​​Amanda has been passionate about Pilates ever since her introductory mat class over two decades ago.  Following her heart, she decided to switch careers to become a Pilates instructor. After completing her extensive training with Polestar Pilates, her love for the method led her to become a Principal Educator, Examiner & Director of Mentoring for their teacher-training program for 10 years.

Always endeavouring to improve her offering, she holds a Level III Franklin Method Educator qualification, is the Prinicipal Organizer & mentor of Franklin Method AU/NZ. This mind-body training combined with movement, is what allows her to successfully pass on essential information about the body and how it is designed to move efficiently.


In addition to running her studio on the Sunshine Coast (AUS), she travels nationally & internationally, conducting workshops sharing her wealth of experience to inspire fellow instructors and the every day person to have a greater knowledge and appreciation for their body and its dynamics.


​To complement her skills, Amanda is also qualified in Shiatsu massage. She believes there is immense power in healing through touch and balancing energy flow. Her unique fusion of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles, Pilates & functional movement, enhances the overall experience that her students and clients receive.



'Amanda meets me where I am at. She provides me with unique ways to learn and grow.

I admire the way she can simplify complex materials and the way she can articulate it out to others. Amanda brings different ideas and approaches into your teaching which makes her versatile and comprehensive. ' - HJH

'The rich knowledge base of movement and the body that Amanda draws from is apparent and rather than being intimidating, she makes the progress seem accessible to students. She shows guidance, patience & dependability.' - HK

'Amanda has given me endless and genuine support and encouragement.

She has an innate ability to share and feedback that always feels so helpful.' - AB

'Amanda has an amazing passion for what she does, she is incredibly knowledgeable and more importantly what I love, is her honest and straightforward approach to teaching.

Working mostly on my own, I have sought out a mentoring relationship with her as it feels equal and balanced which creates a great space for learning. Discussions are an engaging process which means you generally find the answers within your own knowledge

which is very empowering.' - KM

'Amanda approaches things differently, which is refreshing to challenge my mind to try and look

at things in other ways.' - TH

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