Why work with the jaw? It is not usually part of the paradigm of training and healthy living, so it is mostly ignored. Until now….


The jaw patterns our spinal alignment and influences our overall flexibility. It is involved in all sorts of symptoms covered under the umbrella of TMJ disorders. And it is the major player in functions of chewing, talking, emoting and gesturing.


In this class, we will learn how you can improve your body’s alignment and flexibility simply by addressing the jaw using tools of imagery, touch and movement processes.

The jaw is one of the primary carriers of tension in the body so release and relaxation, both physically and mentally, is part of the delight of this class!



  • How the jaw affects body movement & alignment 
  • How to release the tensest muscle in the body – found in the jaw!
  • The biomechanics of the jaw and how to balance and improve its function

EXPLORE THE JAW - March 27, 2021

  • Online ZOOM workshop - 2pm - 3:30pm (Sydney & Melbourne time)

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